Thierry Gaillard

Having worked in real estate for almost 40 years, I’m honoured to enjoy an unparalleled knowledge of the sector. I began my career as a property developer before gaining experience of all areas of residential real estate: when it comes to selling and reselling houses, apartments and residential buildings and off-plan sales, there’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Throughout my career, I have overseen large-scale projects from start to finish, focusing simultaneously on set-up, project management and marketing. Working as part of a team alongside architects, builders and finishers, we have brought numerous residential buildings and developments in the canton to fruition. No stage of a project is overlooked, and I always ensure I draw upon my experience to suggest areas of potential improvement.

As Head of Development for Pilet & Renaud Transactions, I accompany my clients every step of the way, from drawing up plans to handing over the keys to their future home – the moment each project is all about.

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