Managing a real estate project on behalf of private or institutional investors is like being a conductor: capable of simultaneously managing all technical, legal and administrative aspects in order to ensure a smooth process, from field research up to the completion of the building.

Dealing with complexity

Experience and expertise across a range of disciplines: these are the two foundations upon which the sound management of your construction project is built. Our associates will commit personally to being with you at every step of the way, taking care of your interests and ensuring that each stage of the project is a success.

Your land, your market

Since location is such a key determiner of the value of a property, we draw on our thorough knowledge of the Geneva area to find a building plot that will make the most of your investment.

A close eye every step of the way

We take care of everything so there is nothing left for you to worry about. Once you have finalised your plans, we will carry out meticulous checks to ensure that the project is viable from a technical, administrative, financial and commercial point of view. We will undertake all the necessary financial and administrative procedures to secure a building permit on your behalf, and we will monitor the construction site at all stages to ensure that the plans, your budget and all contracts are strictly adhered to.



Arranging a meeting between buyer and seller is an art that requires perfect field knowledge and close contact with all the parties involved in the transaction. Our advisors accompany and advise you every step of the way, from the initial paperwork to handing over the keys. Our affiliation with the Courtiers Partenaires network gives you priority access to the entire real estate sector of the Lake Geneva region. Our strength lies in our ability to harness our experience to optimise your property sale.

Apartments and villas

Whether you are buying or selling, our main aim is to listen to you so that we can fully understand your expectations. We always carry out a precise valuation of your property by comparing a range of expert opinions. We provide you with all the financial, administrative and legal advice you need at the various stages of the selling process.

Residential buildings

Whatever the size of your property, the key to any transaction is confidence. Our teams’ excellent interpersonal skills and the experience we have acquired over 150 years on the Geneva market have taught us how to bring sellers and investors together in a reassuring environment, supporting them successfully through every stage of the transaction.

High-end real estate

Pilet & Renaud Transactions, and in particular our dedicated department for the sale of high-end real estate, has a selection of exceptional properties to offer. The beautiful city of Geneva, along with the surrounding region, maintains a loyal local clientele but also attracts a great deal of interest from international clients, who are won over by the political and economic stability and security that make our city such a delightful place to live.

We will assist you with the purchase and sale of these extraordinary apartments, houses and estates.


We market apartments off plan both for third parties and for construction projects that we are managing. We are meticulous in monitoring your investment, and ensure that proceedings between buyer and seller run smoothly right through to project completion and handover of keys.



Real estate management: gathering expertise daily since 1872 to serve our clients.

Our daily focus is to optimise the returns on your property over time. At Pilet & Renaud, our real estate management specialists are responsible for a total stock of 1,200 buildings, representing a rental income of CHF 280 million. We bring you specialist expertise, tailored advice and meticulous care through a relationship based on trust, transparency and communication.
We manage a very varied range of properties, from subsidised and unsubsidised rental units to high-end residential properties and commercial and industrial buildings, all for a demanding client base.
Our approach to real estate management has two goals in mind: enabling you to measure our performance whenever you wish to do so and bringing you the best possible return on your property over time.

A company with property owners’ interests at heart

Modern-day real estate management calls for an ever-wider range of expertise and increasingly specialist skills. That’s why we take care of all aspects of your property, from rental and technical oversight to administrative and financial concerns. The teams working for you are made up of specialists in a variety of disciplines with extensive experience of all aspects of wealth management.

Courtiers Partenaires

Portfolio managers

We promise to build a unique, exclusive and lasting relationship with you so that we can manage your interests in the best possible way. Your personal manager, who will be in charge of your portfolio, will draw on the expertise of specialists in a range of areas, such as finance, business, law, residential real estate, architecture and marketing. A member of the management team will also be available to speak to you about whatever aspects of your portfolio you wish to discuss at any time.
Regular technical, business and financial reviews will grant you clear insights into your returns whenever you wish and help you to manage your wealth in a meticulous and well thought out way.

A pragmatic and effective legal department

Our primary goal is to think ahead to avoid litigation, and we believe in keeping communication open to achieve this. We suggest solutions to our landlords while also listening to our tenants.

Our role is to represent or support our landlords in their dealings with the legal authorities (the Conciliation Commission for Rents and Leases and the Rents and Leases Tribunal).

We also take care of debt recovery, lease termination, evacuation procedures, payment claims, civil actions and bankruptcy procedures.

Service Gérance Clientèle

We respond quickly and efficiently to tenants’ needs using the latest digital tools.

Quick responses and ongoing care are key parts of our services to tenants. At Pilet & Renaud, we have a customer services department dedicated solely to tenants. This team brings together all the skills required in real estate, and its mission is to respond to tenants’ needs quickly and ensure that each case is followed through to the end. Tenants also have access to two powerful online tools for completing admin and submitting requests:

- Our online forum is a key tool for anticipating and answering the most frequently asked questions 24/7

- Our secure tenants’ portal means that all the information about individuals’ rental agreements is only a click away and enables requests to be dealt with swiftly.



Condominium management and coordination calls for a specific skill set combining experience, trust, transparency and the ability to foster dialogue. We establish an uncommonly close relationship between owners and their property manager, who also has the support of our technical, legal and financial experts.

We take care of all aspects of running a condominium, ensuring that the relationship between tenants and owners runs smoothly:

• Organising general assemblies
• Overseeing and guiding general assembly decisions
• Drafting minutes
• Producing and overseeing the budget
• Managing the renovation fund
• Mediating between co-owners.



We have extensive experience of commercial, and particularly high-end commercial, real estate, and offer a level of service which helps you to get the most out of your property and thus optimise your returns. Our specialist team’s exhaustive knowledge of the Geneva area allows us to support Swiss and international businesses looking for premises in our area to find properties that will enhance their image.



At Pilet & Renaud, we have an entire department dedicated to researching and carrying out major works.

It is made up of a team of specialists led by an architect and a civil engineer who together bring a wealth of experience in the field. They support and advise you through all the stages of your project, from technical and financial planning to execution and oversight and, ultimately, handover.

Repairs, renovations, maintenance, sustainable construction innovation and upward extensions are some of the projects that this department tackles daily. Whatever the size of your project, you can count on us to carry out your work to the highest quality while also delivering on time and to budget.

We are skilled in using the most up-to-date construction materials and new technologies to make buildings smarter and more sustainable, and our team will also be able to suggest novel solutions to add value to your property.



Brokering, real estate management, commercial real estate and condominium ownership management may be the visible sides of our work, but at the heart of these various services, one pivotal player is liaising constantly with the rest: our finance team. The demanding and challenging task entrusted to this roughly 20-strong team is to direct the financial management of the real estate agency on a day-to-day basis. While ensuring that transactions proceed securely and procedures are followed to the letter, this department's goal is to draw up all necessary financial documents for owners and tenants, pay suppliers' bills, check up on rent payments and supervise all the agency's financial tasks. This real nerve centre works both proactively and reactively and in collaboration with everyone else in the business.



The IT and project management service is much more than an IT support unit that's available to assist our staff. At a time when businesses in all sectors are going digital, this team handles the implementation of innovative solutions for our clients and takes care of the digital side of a number of our services. From technological surveillance to building new tools, this team of IT and project management specialists takes up new technologies and makes them available to a range of stakeholders: owners, tenants, suppliers and in-house teams.

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